Process catalouge according german federal data protection act - BDSG §4G


1. Name of the responsible body
Mitsubishi Chemical Europe GmbH

2. Management of the responsible body and leader of the Data Processing
President: Yasuo Semba
Leader of Data Processing: Michael Jülicher

3. Address of the responsible body

Mitsubishi Chemical Europe GmbH
Willstätterstrasse 30
D-40549 Düsseldorf
Telephone  +49 (211) 520541-0
Telefax    +49 (211) 591272

4. Purpose of data collection, data processing and use of data

The main purpose of the collection, the processing and the use of personal data is the execution of contracts with customers and suppliers. Secondary purposes are personnel administration, support for interested persons, marketing, sales and public relations.

5. Person groups concerned, data or data categories 

5.1 Person groups

 - Employees and former employees
 - Customers
 - Suppliers
 - Public authorities
 - Interested persons
 - Business partners 

5.2 Data or data categories 

 - Data of employees and former employees (personal data for employees   management, administration and salary accounting)
 - Data of customers (data concerning product deliveries, supplied services, contracts, contract fulfilment, addresses, customer support)
 - Data of interested persons (interest in products/services, addresses, support)
 - Data of suppliers (products, services, contracts, enquiries, data about accounting and performance)
 - Data of other business partners and agencies (data about addresses, contracts, accounting, and performance)

 as far as these data are necessary for the purposes mentioned in 4.

6. People and categories of people who might get the data

 - Public and private authorities, as far as prior legal provisions exist (e.g. social insurance carriers, tax authorities, insurances, ...)
 - External contractors according to BDSG § 11 (service providers for data processing, agencies, credit inquiry agencies, banks, ...)
 - Other authorities which are necessary for the performance of the purposes mentioned in 4.
 - Internal authorities which are necessary for the performance of the purposes mentioned in 4. (human resources, accounting, sales, Marketing, ...)

7. Statutory periods for the deletion of data

 The legal duties and periods for the keeping of data are observed. After expiry of these periods the respective data will be deleted. In other cases, the data will be deleted when the purposes mentioned in 4. cease to exist.

8. Planned data transfer to third countries

 Currently it is not planned to transfer data to third countries.