Polycarbonatediol (PCD) is a linear polycarbonate with hydroxyl groups at both ends. It easily reacts with isocyanate compounds (e.g. MDI,TDI,IPDI,H12MDI) and generates polymers with superior characteristics. The resins made from MCC's PCDs BENEBIoL have unique properties that existing resins have not been able to establish. In addition some of the raw materials are biomass-based.


Possible applications for Polyurethane:

* artificial leather /synthetic leather

* paint and coating materials

* waterborne urethane

* PU elastomers, like

* Thermoset elastomer (TSU)

* Thermoplastic elastomer (TPU)

* adhesive, sealants


Possible applications for Acrylic Resin:

* urethane acrylated compounds and resins

* diacrylaed compounds and resins


Possible applications for Polyester:

* polyester elastomers (TPEE)